Josh Brook


Birthdate: 1999-06-17
Birthplace: Roblin, Manitoba, Canada
Shoots: Right
Height: 6′-1″
Weight: 192 lbs
NHL Draft: 2017 | Round 2 | 56th overall
Waivers Eligibility: 2022-23 or 160 NHL GP


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2014-15Moose Jaw WarriorsWHL100021
2015-16Moose Jaw WarriorsWHL304610182101456
2016-17Moose Jaw WarriorsWHL69832406117725710
2017-18Moose Jaw WarriorsWHL453293236481415610
2018-19Moose Jaw WarriorsWHL591659758924403314
2018-19Laval RocketAHL701110-2
2019-20Laval RocketAHL60491343-3
2020-21Laval RocketAHL


Brook is a creative and efficient puck-moving defenceman with great offensive skills. Brook is a smooth skater with above-average skating skills, he moves effortlessly in all four directions. His acceleration or mid-stride is excellent he also can make sharp turns while keeping balance. His top-end speed is just above average, his sense and ability to shift gears and turn to use his body is what sets him apart. A smart defenceman who displays elite vision and passing skills. He can stretch the ice from his own zone to the offensive blueline and execute tape to tape passes. Brook has great puck handling and puck skills he also has good puck protection ability. He often doesn’t force plays though if pressured uses his escapability to keep possession and wait for the right play. Offensively Brook can be efficiently effective with his elite vision and passing skills to find his teammates in opportune positions. His shot-pass play is one that he used quite often and had great success. His wrist shot can also be quite good as he can place the puck with great accuracy but his slapshot lacks velocity. He’s also not afraid to pinch in and circle the wagons looking for the back door pass. Brook’s defensive play is really good for being labeled as an “offensive defenceman”, once again his skating and hockey IQ is what makes him effective. He uses his edges and stick positioning to angle off opponents towards the perimeter. Although sometimes he can get caught puck watching or be a little soft on one-on-one battles. – JD

Hockey IQ – 55

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Physicality – 40

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Puck Skills – 55

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Shooting – 50

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Skating – 60

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


“A smart play reader who can be a shutdown cornerstone as well as an offensive contributor…overall speed game isn’t flattering but the edge work and quick bursts of acceleration allots him the amount of time he needs to be effective…not a big puck rusher who skates the puck up ice consistently, but with his vision and ability to consistently hit the tape of teammates with hard passes makes him effective at moving the puck…handles himself in a composed manner with the puck and shows patience when making a play out of his own end…capable of keeping his gaps controlled…no stranger to the rough stuff on the boards or at the net front…makes quick decisions…displays smarts in all aspects of the game…eludes pressure by outwaiting opponents and skating to an area of the ice where he can send a solid outlet pass…playing the top pairing defender role will help with his development…has two-way middle pairing professional upside.” – Aaron Vickers (Future Considerations)

“He’s really played well for us. [We’re] trying to make sure that we manage his development. Josh is a highly skilled, good skating, puck moving defenseman and he’s done a lot of that so far. Trying to put him in the right situations where he’s comfortable and has success, and I think he’s going to have a great year for us.” – Tim Hunter (Moose Jaw Warriors Head Coach)