After selecting Luke Tuch with the 47th overall pick, the Canadiens turned to the Hamilton Bulldogs of the OHL to select Czech native Jan Mysak.

Player Notes:

His play over the last few seasons in Europe, international tournaments and OHL should have made him a sure fire 1st round pick. He brings a reliable two-way game with an intense straight line drive and really good offensive abilities.

The Czech born player is a very refined player. He impacts games with and without the puck as well as being involved in plays on offense and when defending.

His offensive abilities are shown with his high hockey sense and overall decision making. He plays well with the puck and can make plays with both his release and passing abilities. His shot is very accurate and often surprises goalies with a quick release and he has shown over the years that he isn’t afraid to shoot the puck. He sees the ice really well and with his patience he can find open players for quick passes. His vision allows him to move opponents around and gives him time to make the right decision.

He’s also very decisive. He’s either gonna make the pass, drive the net, shoot and everything in between. He’ll never keep the puck if he has nothing available and when he gets an opening he makes a quick decision

Another aspect of his offensive game that makes him dangerous is his strong north-south game. His straight line attacking speed makes opposing defenders uneasy and it’s what gets him and the puck in danger areas. He’s especially good on odd man rushes.

His defensive side is fueled by his strong position and selective forecheck. He doesn’t waste energy or opportunities. He’s very precise when it comes to attacking the puck carrier and his angles are what makes him so consistent when staying with the opponent. His instincts serve him well and he’s made plays because of them. Reminds you a bit of how former Canadiens center Tomas Plekanec pursued the puck with tenacious skating and stick play.

His overall game flows well. He always has his head up monitoring the situation and never stops moving around even on the PK. His decision making is good and his scoring abilities make him dangerous at any given moment. Mysak has good potential and could break out even more when he gets back on the ice.

Posted by Costa Rontzocos

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